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He was living it fully. He died on May 22, 1990 in … Brett McKay: How did that affect the rest of Rocky’s career? Again, they love him and he’s kind of drawn to the danger and the excitement and the action. “Ali said, ‘We’ll do this any time, we’ll talk about Rocky whenever you want, but not now. Well, another thing that added to Marciano’s all-American appeal when he became a celebrity was that he served in the Army during World War II, but the thing is he never really talked about it much.

He was afraid of not having money. His training camp was also a big entertainment mecca, a lot of Hollywood stars would go and entertain the people at the resort down the hill from where Rocky trained, so there were always stars around. He was clumsy. Brett McKay: Yeah. Subscribe to the podcast in the media player of your choice. His financial stuff was really interesting. And other great fighters, his trainer had seen other great fighters lose their killer instinct.

Squarespace. It didn’t cost them anything.

When he won the championship, he went to the White House and President Eisenhower measured his fist, and Joe DiMaggio was standing there. He was awkward. First of all, not just in Providence, but across America and around the world, boxing was one of the biggest sports back in that era. It did bother Rocky. He was in his early 20s, and he didn’t really have his bearings. They kind of compared it to a Dempsey versus Tunney fight, Dempsey being Rocky, the hard hitter, and Tunney being the more thoughtful, strategic, defensive fighter.

His friend Allie Colombo was the first one to really see that he thought Rocky could go all the way, which seems pretty ridiculous to think about back then, but that was the dream that Allie had, and Rocky didn’t really have any alternatives. “It was tough, real tough,’’ recalled Peter Marciano, the fighter’s younger brother. Mike Stanton: Incredible discipline.

Tartaglia had learned from a Brockton police officer that a few hours earlier, a private plane carrying Rocky Marciano had crashed in a field in Iowa and that all three passengers had been killed. Mike joins me now via He went down to New York where he lost to Coley Wallace, who was kind of a young, upcoming black fighter who was hailed as the next Joe Louis. If you were a boxer and you were in the mix, you had to deal with the mob in some way, shape, or form because they were in the background behind all of it. His long-time friend, Hank Tartaglia, was on the other end with some sad and shocking news to deliver. A few days later, he pulls out of the coma, and he eventually recovers but never will fight again. Right? Goody Petronelli, who later helped guide Marvelous Marvin Hagler to the world middleweight crown, was driving home to Brockton from California where he had been stationed in the Navy. That would manifest itself more after he retired from the ring and he needed a new outlet for the adrenalin rush of boxing, and he would hang around these dangerous mobsters who all adored him. Mike Stanton: Well, that would be in the summer of 1948. In the spring of ’47, he snuck out to Holyoke, Massachusetts, and he fought his first professional fight. He died so young.

Travis Andersen can be reached at He fought some amateur fights and Gold Gloves fights in New England, but then he had his baseball tryout with the Cubs that spring, and he really wasn’t so enamored with boxing. First of all, Providence is a big Italian American town, and so they loved him. 50 and 0 would have been a nice round number, but there were two things that Rocky was afraid of. Mike Stanton: Well, no. Rocky had a neighborhood reputation as the strongest kid in the neighborhood, and he did a little fooling around boxing, but all kids did that then. You’ve got to get a connect manager, and New York is the center of the boxing universe. So, that deal goes away. She’s scared of me and runs away.” This is a guy that grew up with strong family bonds, so that was hard. “He had to turn the wine press for my grandfather,” Rocky Jr. said by phone. Later, the ring doctor tried to revive him, was unsuccessful. That was a story of a lot of heavyweight, a lot of boxers in that time. I appreciate it. Brett McKay: Mike Stanton, thanks so much for coming on. He’s like, “Rocky, why don’t you cash them?

He just kept coming. Mike Stanton: It did. It was just a way to make a paycheck while he waited for the baseball career to take off. They called an ambulance. It was a huge gulley way, wide open. I only like cash.”. Said Hank Tartaglia, who served as a pallbearer: “It was unbelievable.

They lived the good life while it was there, and then it was gone. I could just never picture him being 70ish. He was the heavyweight champion of the world from 1952 to ’56, and that was that postwar era in America. Everybody bet on things, and when Rocky went into the ring, he said, “I knew I could never fall down. Because I knew nothing about, hardly anything about Rocky before this book.
The New York Times writer wrote that it would seem like more than human endurance could stand. He was a guy who could never win on dial points.

He was going to train, and he was a monk about it, and so they took a chance on him. He was more about flexibility. The one time he really got mad at a fighter, though, was when he was champion and he fought Roland La Starza in a rematch, and he was angry that before the fight, La Starza was quoted making some comments about the way Rocky fights, he takes so many punches, he’s going to become punch-drunk. I’m curious. Marciano’s nephew, Peter Marciano Jr., a former Brockton High standout, played football at the University of Iowa from 1986-89. He was the greatest, as far as I’m concerned.’’ She had it for 20-something years. © Gannett Co., Inc. 2020. Rocky Marciano was a slow, stocky kid with short arms and stubby legs. The people came from all over the world for this. Some of Fidel Castro’s gorillas shoot up the casino, and then Fidel Castro overthrows the government down there and the casinos all have to shut down. We’re here to honor not only a great, great fighter but a great man.’ I will never forget that.

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