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physiotherapist near me

Initially we did not get a great physio, but with Hirak coming in, we were comfortable. Parkinsonism is a movement disorder. Physiotherapists help patients build muscle strength and endurance, regain their range of motion, improve their coordination, decrease pain, swelling, and inflammation of joints, and allow the patients to enhance their quality of life. Really proud to have members like Ashutosh being in the team. Read More, Alcohol has been at the center of social society since humanity first found fermentation. Thanks a lot to Dr. Amitava and Portea for their prompt service. Today my daughter is almost recovered. Being a radiologist I thought it takes so much time to cure or maybe I would have to go in for a surgery. Thanks to her consistent support, my mother who has a L3 and D9 compression fracture of the spine, has started walking to the bathroom with the help of a walker, she also helps my mother – walk around to the living room of my house, with the help of a walker. I was diagnosed as multiple level PIVD, and had so severe pain in low back area. We are very happy with the physiotherapy sessions for my father Mr. S. B. Ghoshal conducted by Dr. Arsheed Ahmad since the 6th of February 2018. You no longer need to live with that pain and lead a restrictive life. Dr. Vinay Chandra had been assigned. The reception, customer focus, and professional dedication of Dr. Vinay Chandra was really exceptional. I understand that this will override the DND status on my mobile number. A physiotherapy session is usually of an hour, depending on the criticality of the problem. Show doctors near me. when do you need a physiotherapist from us ? The right to prescribe medicines by physiotherapists vary across nations and their medical boards. Your email address will not be published. In-home Physiotherapy sessions are designed to help the patient recover faster whether it is a one-time injury or a chronic illness. We have requested for a good caretaker from you but never got one. He has a vast knowledge of physiotherapy. Physiotherapy exercises have been proven to be the beneficial way to help treat and prevent injuries and pain related to varied diseases. Kudos to Dr. Amitava and Mangla my physiotherapist for the amazing counsel and attention! Wanted to express my appreciation for her expertise and the good work that she did. We Provide expert Physiotherapy services with utmost care in almost every location in India. If you have just undergone surgery, physiotherapy at home can help you get back to normal faster. My wife had GBS attack during 1st week of January. I am have been taking physio session through video for more than a month. However, physiotherapists can work along with other health professionals for providing rehabilitation services. A physiotherapist can help you heal from injuries and resolve chronic physical pain. Alekhya is a very good physiotherapist. Dr. Sonia is a thorough professional and very easy to communicate with. 07678371577 (Gurgaon, North & West Delhi) 09868470857 (South & East Delhi) Hours. He is a truly dedicated member of your team and should be commended for his work ethic and personal demeanor.”, For Bookings and Service queries: Ph: 1800 121 2323 (Press1) Email: For Customer Support & Feedback: Ph: 1800 121 2323 (Press 2) Usually the price ranges anywhere from 250 to 2500 INR. In future if I require any service and would like to have physio Dr. Anil Saini. Physiotherapists Near Me ; Opening times for Physiotherapists near your location . His dedication towards the patient problems and understanding is much appreciated. Painkillers gave temporary relief but overall condition of my father deteriorated. The reception, customer focus, and professional dedication of Dr. Vinay Chandra was really exceptional. A – The cost per session varies depending on the patient’s needs and treatment plan. Just get in touch with us and allow us to relieve you of your pain with the help of qualified and well trained physiotherapist, at the comfort of your home. Shruti Bangera, Masters In Neurological Physiotherapy, Senior Physiotherapist & SME, Portea,,, Supraspinatus Tendinitis Treatment at home, घर पर फिजियोथेरेपी, Free T3 (FT3) - Free Triiodothyronine Test. Thanks to the entire team. Physio Services are provide for Elderly care, Neuro-muscular pain syndrome for Back | Neck | Shoulder | Knee Stroke rehabilitation and Pre and post natal care Please try to help. His ability to connect with the patient was amazing.”, “I have taking physio services by physio Dr. Anil Saini, Jaipur and felt an excellent result by his serious efforts, and I felt better in just 3 visit. Worried about the well being of your parents in India during this crisis? Required fields are marked *. A physiotherapist was assigned to us and we found your service very good. Thanks. Let me start by mentioning here, that I judge people much more, by the strength of their character, and how good a person is as a human being, rather than just their professional expertise, and knowledge in their area of excellence.In case of Divya, She has not just has proven herself to be a great physiotherapist to my mother, but also has talent and expertise by her side. His dedication towards the patient problems and understanding is much appreciated. benefits of physiotherapy treatment at home. The wonderful support provided for arranging physiotherapy treatment for my Dad.I want to thank Portea team and Dr. Namrata. A Physiotherapist is a health care professional who helps patients maintain, maximize or restore their muscle strength, mechanical body functions, and overall quality of life. The results have been really satisfactory and the pain has subsided quiet a lot. A – No. GET A FREE LISTING! He was personable, professional, and really worked to ensure my recovery went smoothly. With the expert physiotherapy session, his health has become better now. You will get the best trained physiotherapists to help you in getting your normal life back as soon as possible. I had severe pain on the left leg and hip, due to which it was difficult for me to sit and walk. Physiotherapy, also referred to as physical therapy, is an allied health profession that makes use of bio – mechanics or kinesiology, manual therapy, exercise therapy and electrotherapy, to help patients restore, maintain and increase their physical mobility, strength and function. I have benefited immensely by his treatment and feel fully recovered now . Please pass on my sincere thanks to him. Hirak is simply the best. After the first three sessions I completely trusted Swaroop and I was looking forward to my session each day. To further enhance your experience with physiotherapy, our Physiotherapists personally visit you and perform physiotherapy at home. Regards Dr. Jitesh Ranjan Das. Physiotherapist was polite and was professional in appearance, Hi. Her improvement was endorsed by Dr. Tushar Raut (Attending Neurologist at Kokilaben Dhirabhai Hospital ), during follow-up consultation with him. When I started I had difficulty in walking. I would rate him a 100/100 and I am so so happy with his presence in having him as my Physiotherapist. Your location could not be automatically detected. There are several factors that determine physiotherapy cost like the duration of the session, criticality of the problem and type of physiotherapy offered. I was feeling better just after one session. While the treatment might involve a few massage-like techniques, these are absolutely anatomically inclined. For serious fractures, surgery is required to set the bones together and allow proper healing. Select a spacious and good spot in your house, which is well ventilated, well lit and is free from any clutter, as the physiotherapist might bring some small exercise equipments for your session. I am very satisfied by Physio Sudhir kumar efforts towards the treatment of my ankle & knee.He is a very good doctor & he comes for my treatment on the time asm requested by me. var randpubc = Math.floor((Math.random() * 100000) + 1); These exercises range from single to high-level postures which help repair the body and restore full bodily function. Without being negative on the therapist who has been doing the work in Bangalore, I should mention that Dr Chandni was more than twice as good as the therapist in Bangalore. Thank You Dr. Pankaj Sharma. Thanks. This includes all sorts of pain including back pain. I selected Portea physiotherapy online and was truly impressed with the entire procedure. She has recovered fully due to Physiotherapy efforts from Dr. Yogini and also her affectionate behaviour towards the lady. He explained and guided me in doing the exercises, which I follow daily. My sincere thanks to Dr. Anirudhya Acharya who conducted physiotherapy on my lower back . Our on-the-go Physiotherapists will treat your pain and address the … Physical therapists work with people who have been injured or people who are ill to improve their movement and help them manage their pain. What is the difference between a physiotherapist and a physical therapist? Special mention for Dr. Pankaj Sharma who has handle everything fantastically well. pubc.src = '//'+parseInt(randpubc);

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