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life in belgium for foreigners

Our Essential ServicesMake Relocating Easy for You. Indian expat Nirman Arora, academic assistant at the University of Ghent, is a food lover with a special weakness for Belgian chocolate, beer and sprouts. ⑭ What to Expect from Police Visit: Prepare Mentally to Handle Challenging Questions. You can read more about licenses and Belgian road rules in this guide to driving in Belgium. There are different work permits, each applicable to a different need. You have successfully braved the immigration gauntlet and been rewarded your Belgian visa. This is due to the government providing considerable subsidies for the cultural sector. InterNations GO! If you’re thinking of moving to Belgium but only know some trivia about the country — home of 500 beers and birthplace o... Are you about to join the ranks of the numerous expatriates living in Belgium? Education is compulsory between the ages of six and 18 and it starts with primary school. For employees in bottle neck professions, the procedure takes just five days.”, "Belgians put plenty of time, effort and money into cooking and eating". Even though Belgium is a small and diverse country with different languages and different people, Belgium is the proof that we can be united in diversity. The latter merely need to fill out the application form. As early as 1913, weekly musical broadcasts were given from the Laeken Royal Park. The …, Rommelmarkt Goegekregen Antwerp Flea Markets 1 – 5 Events Per Month Rommelmarkt Goegekregen organises several flea …,  Ciney Militaria Fair 2020 Ciney Militaria 2020 sales fair is the most important military fair …, Borgerrio 2021 Street Parade Happening at Turnhoutsebaan, Borgerhout, Antwerp Borgerrio 2021 holds its 14th edition annual …, © Copyright 2020 Live in Belgium. In addition, real estate agents (agences immobilières / makelaars in onroerende goederen or simply makelaars) could also provide help in your search. for activities of a controlling or coordinating nature or for scientific research. Television licenses no longer apply in both the Flemish-speaking and Brussels regions, but you will need to pay a fee (around €100 per household) if you live in the Wallonia. If this is the case, the applicant will be referred to the Enrollment Commission for further assistance. “What we feared has happened,” said the Belgian Prime Minister, “Belgium was hit by a blind, violent and cowardly attack.” To face the tragedy, people stand up ! It is officially a trilingual country. It is therefore understandable that most people are employed in the service sector. In some cases, the approval period is even shorter. Get the most out of research for your organisation. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Need to move abroad? The performances on offer are top quality. However, 98% of Belgian children are enrolled in formal childcare or preschool. Do you want to relocate? The main Belgian banks include ING, BNP Paribas Fortis and KBC, plus there are several financial providers that offer expat-specialised services (foreign languages, for example). The quirky side of Belgian culture can be best seen at Manneken-Pis (although don’t believe all the myths of Manneken-Pis). Foreigners who qualify as Belgian residents are taxed on their entire income; those who don’t are only taxed on income arising from Belgian sources. Belgium’s only hero is Manneken pis, a child that peed on a spanish colonel 500 years ago. It’s super helpful and shared a lot of insights on the... Live in Belgium: Hi Ben, your F Card is tied to the relationship with this woman. Live your dream. Also note that every tenant is obliged by law to take out a comprehensive household insurance policy. Online learning journeys with the complete Vlerick Business School experience. And if you are in Brussels, you can practice all the world languages you want … But you know; the more, the merrier ! When it comes to Belgian culture, it is safe to claim that the country does not have a homogenous national identity. Employees and self-employed residents must sign up for Belgium’s state-sponsored health insurance schemes (or mutuelle) to claim partial reimbursements of their medical costs. Looking in local newspapers, magazines, and newsletters published by clubs and expatriate organizations might also be a good idea. Criteria for evaluating your residency status are your physical presence (registration) and/or the place where your assets are managed. If no agreement is in place with your citizen country, you may be required to pass a driving and theory test first. Spend a year in thriving, international Brussels on our full-time MBA programme. Each region has its own government and its own responsibilities. provides you with plenty of useful information concerning education, healthcare, and accommodation. The one thing to keep in mind is that to get a good job, it is almost mandatory to speak good English and the two main national languages: French and Dutch. The answer to that question is relatively simple. And only Belgian politicians understand the political system in the country. As a small country, there are many viable options for those willing to commute; many rural areas to live around Belgium offer spacious living and close proximity to city amenities. Further information and useful links are available on Portal Belgium. Transport links around the country provide great weekend getaways destinations, and there are various ways to save money, such as half-price return travel on weekends or a B-excursion pass, which includes transport and admission to attractions. The vocational path in secondary education helps students qualify for a particular occupation. guide! Ethnic Belgians are a small minority in their own capital city. Expats in Belgium add to the country’s highly productive workforce and help drive this modern, private-enterprise economy. Welcome on our website! There are no extreme weather conditions: Belgium enjoys a temperate climate with mild winters and cool summers. Best Prepaid SIM card Belgium: 4GB data plan/internet with a Price Comparison Table between Proximus, Orange, Mobile Vikings, BASE & Lycamobile. Contact us School enrollment periods vary according to language community: in the Francophone regions, it is usually a two-week period in March or April; in the Flemish regions, enrollment is possible all year round, but no earlier than the first day of the preceding academic year. The best time to explore Belgium, however, is during the colorful burst of Belgian festivals, such as the famous three-day Carnaval de Binche – watch out for flying oranges! For instance, the Flemish-speaking community is closer to the English-speaking culture and the Dutch one, whereas French speakers seem to draw more from the French customs and their way of living. Belgium is a veritable Mecca for international culture fans. Job CV Template Tips: Write Resume for Job Application in Belgium. Stimulating and thought provoking. Doubly fatter, doubly better. Documents required in order to enroll your child at a Belgian school include: proof of identity, a residence permit (if applicable), proof that all standard vaccinations have been administered, proof of address, and any previous academic records. Find out: which permit you require, if you qualify for expatriate tax allowance, and which healthcare options are available! If your French or Dutch is not really up to par, try the English publication The Bulletin and keep your eyes peeled for orange signs in windows indicating that a property is “for rent” (à louer or te huur). As previously mentioned, employers are responsible for sorting out the work permit situation for their foreign employees. Do you also have the Vlerick DNA and would like to join our Vlerick family? Some primary schools also offer language immersion classes, i.e. Since only up to 75% of medical expenses are covered by compulsory health insurance plans, many Belgians and expats alike choose to take out additional private insurance to cover excess payments. Deloitte Real Estate compared the prices of houses in Austria, Belgium, Tsjech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and UK by taking into account the GDP per capital and the cost of a house of 70 square meters. We have all the info you need — from work permits... contact details of English-speaking physicians, 10 Things To Know Before Moving to Belgium. University towns often have more than one specialized healthcare institution. InterNations GO! Need to move abroad? Almost 15% of all 11.2 million of Belgium’s current inhabitants were not born there — about 12.5% of the people living … For mobile phones, there are three main providers to choose from – Base, Mobistar, and Belgacom/Proximus – although many competitors are increasingly offering mobile services in combination packages, for example, Telenet. Private clinics are not necessarily any better than state hospitals, but they often specialize in certain (surgical) treatments. EU/EEA nationals have the same rights and duties as Belgian citizens. Due to the decentralized educational system, it is difficult to make general statements on the subject of enrollment. There is generally no shortage of accommodation for rent in Belgium and properties become available all year round. "element": "corporateright_1_ContactsList_ContactBlock_0_Skype_0", In Belgium, foreign employees are issued with a work permit and labour card within ten to fifteen days. Its integrated train, tram, metro, and bus systems allow for quick transfers between different transport types. Pour être honnête, Dans les montagnes des Dolomites There are masterpieces in galleries and museums in Brussels like the Royal Museums of Fine Arts or the Centre Belge de la Bande Dessinée, which houses creations from Belgium’s most lauded comic strip and cartoon artists. It was created by Adolphe Sax who comes from Dinant. Advertise your job opportunities to Vlerick students! NOTE: These settings will only apply to the browser and device you are currently using. Moreover, Brussels is the second city in the world that host the most lobbyist (after Washington D.C) and there are more diplomats in Brussels than anywhere else in the world. There are several conditions that need to be met but those granted the special tax status can also claim partially tax-free expatriate allowances and expense reimbursements. today? It is advisable to check whether they offer internationally recognized qualifications before you enroll your child. relocation checklist. The Flemish Government policy is to attract the better foreign productions to Flanders. Your Social Security Identity card, which you will receive from your health insurance fund, should be taken along for every visit to the doctor or to a hospital. Take the leap. Don’t be disappointed after visiting his statue in Brussels: it’s 70 cm big. To find out more, consult the relevant page of the Belgian Social Security Portal and click on your country. You can start your job search online or sign up with agencies that specialise in finding work for expats. Private schools without state funding obviously have much higher tuition fees. We have been leading innovation in business for well over half a century. The website of the Belgian Hospital Association lists all hospitals by region or specialization. Partner with us to design and deliver a learning experience tailored to your organisation’s specific needs. The country’s poor environmental record rarely has an immediate effect upon everyday life. set of relocation services, such as home finding, school search, visa solutions, and even pet relocation. Furthermore, expats who qualify under this scheme are treated as non-residents for tax purposes. They are liable to make social security contributions if they are classified as Belgian residents, i.e. Contact us Living in Brussels, the heart of Europe, but affordable. “The salary criterion for qualified personnel in Belgium is 34 261 euro per annum, both for seconded employees and employees of a Belgian company or division. They are usually advertised in daily newspapers and on dedicated internet sites. Looking for talent? Since 2003, expats can acquire a labour card for any profession. Open Bank Account in Belgium: What Do You Need to Know?

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