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how are austria and germany difference

So it really does not feel like we are speaking the same dialect. 12 weeks in Townsville went by quickly and I am already back in Germany. I've heard politically, Austria as a whole is a very right leaning nation? But whoever likes a multi-faceted country, loves to spend time in nature and wants to get to know new people easily should come to Austria. We won't butt into things that don't concern us. Is the culture, outlook, etc. Some cultural differences would be dialectal differences and manners. Ours is very sarcastic and theirs is... i don't even know. Honestly, it's hard to say. Subreddit für Österreicher und Austrophile, alles mit Österreichbezug ist hier gern gesehen. Die Österreicher haben Regeln wie die Deutschen und brechen sie wie die Italiener. The big differences are mostly of political nature, culturally we're very close. You can see this especially within the culinary, legal and scientific part of the language. Germans value punctuality, Austrians don't. "I want that" or sometimes even just "that". After the Anschluss pretty much all pro-Anschluss politicians joined the Nazi Party. If you say it like this you still said the same thing but you also didn't say it in a rude way. That's probably because after the founding of the German empire in 1871 the Prussian virtues (punctuality, industiousness, austerity, discipline, reliability, sense of order, sincerity etc.) As a country Austria than became neutral, which allowed them to be a great place for the UN to meet. One big problem in Austria is resulting from the second world war. If it's no trouble then sure, if it's a hassle, then no. Lol. Edit: As far as I heard from tourists who visited both countries; Austrians seem to be more friendly and laid back than Germans? Bavaria on the other hand is a whole different story... Christoph Waltz explained it in 2013: ;). This is super rude in Austria and no one here would do it like that. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Learn German in Germany or Austria? Hallo! You can compare that very easily if you can understand german by compare the two main satirical sites: Also the probably most classical joke in existence which is so typicly Austrian (and it really happened it was not a joke), was 1848 when the people were revolting against the Emperor and Chancellor: Chancellor: Your majesty, the people are revolting! I'd say it depends on the region. Austria on the other didn't pick up most of these virtues and they somehow became an antithesis to Prussia. Although these countries are close in proximity and they share a common language they have distinct difference in culture that make each country unique. Not disregarding the fact that the Habsburgs were temporarily kings of Spain, Portugal, Bohemia and Hungaria and rulers of other regions like the Netherlands. Switzerland is very different. There is an extreme amount of “passing the buck” in this regard. Germans do tend to be more direct than Austrians, and have less of a sense of humour. Hallo! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Press J to jump to the feed. Let's face it it's basically a language of its own :P. "Austria didn't experience a denazification as western Germany did" sorry but WHAT ?!?! I disagree with the historical political isolation part. of Bavaria. Learning German in Germany is promoted worldwide, but don't forget one of the most attractive destinations for learning German - Austria's capital Vienna! An almost complete history of AustriaIn less than 1000 words. Yes I also think that the difference is the diet. Find out which is better and their overall performance in the country ranking. In both that interview and on Comedians in Cars getting Coffee, he mentions humor, and his humor is quite understated. But as the Habsburgs go - you win some, you lose some. Like every other war. Austria and Germany compared side by side. Germans do not get it most of the times, english would if they can understand the language. At least in my experience. Which sucked for the inhabitants of the region because their whole infrastructure was based of them being part of Hungaria. It's very hard to understand for Germany, if not impossible. While most of the time we say stuff like "around 15 o'clock" (uma drei umadum), which implies some broad window, not being punctual when it is agreed upon is seen as rude and disrespectful. I can imagine signage and a lot of stuff to do with Nazi Era Germany was washed away but what would the average German post-1945 have been put through during the process? This all has to do with the historical political isolation of Austria from the rest if the german speaking world. That said, I only know a couple of people from Germany who I would say have no sense of humour - and they aren't originally from the areas bordering Austria. In our city comparison we take a look at Austria's capital Vienna vs. Germany's three biggest cities: Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. But I also noticed that a lot of times with germans, they don't want to believe that some things are simply not possible. It was painfully obvious that we weren't serious, but the germans next to us apparently didn't understand that and proceeded to give us a lecture about how we're complete jerks and that everyone has to start skiing sometime bla bla bla. That all the Nazis were welcomed back and everyone was happy to see them returning ? Germans for the most part don't, they stick to them. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. The temperatures dropped below 10 degrees (which is usually the time where I am taking out my winter jacket) and I had to leave my girlfriend behind (so no one who would warm me :(). I'm curious, maybe I'm just standing on the Leitung, but where does the "scientific language" differ? I'm watching an episode of Comedians in Cars getting Coffee, and when asked this question, Christoph Waltz replied with the question, "What's the difference between dancing the waltz and goosestepping?". Other (28.3%), Interpersonal Relationships (Family and Dating),,, Population: 8,711,770 as of July 2016 according to, Catholic (73.8%), Protestant (4.9%), Muslim (4.2%), Orthodox (2.2%), other (.8%), Population: 80,678,680 as of December 2016 according to, Religions: Protestant (34%), Roman Catholic (34%), Muslim (3.7%). I guess too much time has passed as separate countries. Some colleagues consider their relatives are very far and not able to support because they live about 50 km away, when this is a regular commute in many European countries. We have collected many answers to the question: Learn German in Germany or Austria? We focused on the cultural differences and similarities between Austria and Germany. North Germans have much less in common with Austrians. (other than the pronunciation of "Chemie"). The Austrian humor is very close to the english humor, sometimes dark, very often very sarcastic, and very satirical, making often fun out of a miserable situation the joker is in or commenting it. Subbreddit for Austrians and Austrophiles, everything relevant to Austria is encouraged here. Sparkling water versus flat In Germany, when you ask for water at a restaurant, they will bring out sparkling (unless you request otherwise). I work in a hotel and it can sometimes happen that something doesn't work as desired. - it's called Knödel) or 'Brötchen' (Semmeln). What do you think happened in Austria after ww2 ? In Austria nobody cares about your grades in the "Matura". What differences there are became much more important after the war. After Austria won the war against the Ottomans in 1683 Austria gained a lot of territory outside of the holy roman empire and their political focus shifted. For more details, click on any linked topic. Other than that I'd say I don't feel more of a connection to you than to a Czech a Hungarian or an (northern) Italian. Aside from dialectal differences there are also differences your hear even when both a German and an Austrians are speaking Hochdeutsch, like Paradeiser, Aschantis, Erdäpfel, Schlagobers etc. While what we know as Germany these days, for the longest time it was a political 'Fleckerlteppich' (Patchwork) of principalities and kingdoms and later empires (yes, Prussia). That gives us an advantage with countries that have a similar mindset. It is due to their straight forward nature. One thing that is a very interesting difference in terms of Austrian and German politic is that Austria, for the most part, is more right-leaning than Germany, yet at the same time, our center-left social democrats were the strongest party for the majority of the second republic. That is the reason why in many german crime movies, shady characters and petty crooks are played by austrian actors. - 5 Facts about the German language. (No offense intended to Austrians. Although these countries are close in proximity and they share a common language they have distinct difference in culture that make each country unique. Many, many austrians pass their whole life, excluding summer holidays, in the same region. Germans are usually have everything planned out and organised whereas Austrians go with the flow and hope everything will be alright. My husband is German (born and raised in Berlin) and when we are at work and someone calls from Switzerland they end up both just saying "e-mail?" So, Austria to Germany is a bit more like Canada to the US? In a conversation between Austrians and Germans, the straight forward nature of the Germans is sometimes perceived as rude, where as Austrians sometimes seem to be shady to Germans. Bailey Shafer. Austria. Austria’s unemployment rate fell by 0.3% to 5.5%, which is low by European standards, but still at its second highest rate since the end of World War II, driven by an increased number of refugees and EU migrants entering the labor market. I can find lot's of differences between Switzerland and the Germany, but I have a harder time to find differences between Austria and Germany. I would conclude that what makes Austria, and at least part of the Austrians, is some complex mix of inferiority/ superiority complex, selfdepricating humor, sarcasm, commisseration, "Zusammengehörigkeitsgefühl" (feeling of belonging together) despite joking about each others origin (especially bad if you are an actual born and bred Viennese) and that you will insist that you are not German and of course you will 'never', 'ever' eat spaghetti with ketchup or schnitzel with gravy, or 'Klöße' (hello! Categories. lol they try for a few moments but it is so hard for either person on the phone to understand the other. Their dialect group of German (Alemannic) only has very few speakers in Germany. After WWII, Austria was in need of help, mostly in rebuilding, which many countries came to their help. Among other things, protestants are very rare in Austria, which is mostly catholic.

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