camel trophy discovery 1

Although the vehicle looks good, Alun reckons it is really a work in progress and they will update and tweak it in the future. My Discovery still has its original ECU and the alarm system still works, too. With all that, the Rover 2.0-liter made 52 horsepower at 3,500 rpm. The Discovery was the official Camel Trophy vehicle been from 1990 - 1997. The image of the Mud Men on top of one of the Range Rovers defines Camel Trophy 1982, and indeed the event overall. The marketing opportunity for both Land Rover and Camel cigarettes was massive, likely much bigger than either expected.

After that, Harrison had to do all the heavy jobs and lifting, while I did the lighter stuff. It, too, came from Bearmach, along with the vast majority of the mechanical components used in the rebuild, including springs, shock absorbers, steering box, swivel joints and all steering and brakes components. Brakes: Front 11.7-in. They also had to clear an overgrown runway for a supply plane to land. The story goes that they were rented from the local Hertz outlet in Belem, though that may be an apocryphal story. Their victory earns them the prestigious Segrave Trophy, named after the former Land Speed Record holder, Henry Segrave. Again, a fleet of two-door Range Rovers provided dutiful transport and all teams completed the event. The engine bay shows very well, no rust can be seen on the wings or bulkhead (common rust areas). Back to south America again, where the diverse climate and terrain make for some fascinating driving.This time, the Trophy crosses three frontiers, taking in Argentina, Paraguay and Chile, with a mixture of jungle conditions, arid deserts and twisty, perilous mountain tracks, including the aptly named ‘Road to Hell’. Atlantic British strives to bring you the BEST QUALITY parts at the BEST PRICE! It was purchased by LRNA immediately after the 1993 event and used in promotion and advertising for several years because the Discovery was just being introduced here. Australia is the longest Camel Trophy yet. This one didn’t have a nickname with Team USA so we named it after the U.S. Every last one of them was diesel-powered. The Italians won the first international Camel Trophy, with the Germans runners-up and the Americans third. “Some people say it’s horrible, but I quite like it,” says Alun.

The previous Model 19J 2.5L turbo diesel had made 82 horsepower and 150 lb-ft from an IDI head and an old-style Lucas-CAV pump. The part numbers in the assembly image relate to the product number in the table. It was punctuated with encounters with the locals, whose varied and pure culture led to many confusing, fascinating encounters. After starting off with a SFA 4Y Hilux, then a D1 V8 manual, then a D1 V8 auto, then a D2 TD5 manual, then an Amarok auto and now back to a D1 300tdi manual. “Harrison was coming up to his 15th birthday and i thought it was the right time for us to do a father and son project together. Perhaps the most famous of these was with the Mud Men, who wore enormous masks of dried mud. Another welcome Christmas present followed.

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