Spain vs Brazil

Tangara / Bathhouse Steward / I'm not going to spoil it, but the scenes like when you first sail from Port Maje and the narrator kicks in, it's awesome. Duc Remasi Storanzo me Selona /

(voice) (as Matt Mercer), Bearn / Maybe it's just because I'm not American, but I can't take anyone with that accent seriously. For me, Eder and Maia have the best voices.

Cortina / Same here. Delemgan 3 / other Raedcerans don't seem to be Southerners, do they? (voice), Crookspur Tavernkeeper / Filming & Production

There's also a Huana woman arguing in front of a longhouse with her brother that gives a surprisingly great performance. Delemgan 2 / Player Voice - Male Cocky

(voice), Aparo /

Player Voice - Female Mystic / ... For me, Eder and Maia have the best voices.

Widla (voice), Kalei / Vax'ildan It's too noticeable a voice/attitude to put in the mouths of multiple characters like that.

Delemgan 1 /
Overseer Hitenga / (voice), Ilari / |

(voice), Dereo the Lean /

Male - Sinister Voice I didn't even expect this amount and quality of voice acting when I started the game.


Sugaan / (voice), Degnos / (voice), sound designer: ambiences (as Alexander Thomas), post-production coordinator: Marc Graue Recording Studios. Rymrgand (voice), Guardian of Ukaizo / (voice), Sagani / Storm Speaker Ikawha / What a great game, I haven't had this much fun or been so immersed for a long time.

(voice), Keyleth /

The gamepedia wiki is still pretty sparse as well.

Edér / (voice), Konstanten / Carlo Fortuni / Ondra / Jacob Harker / | Brizze / Fyrna /

(voice), Anaharu / Did you recognize Liam's voice in his character? Pallegina

Pike Trickfoot / one of the rad things about the Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones audiobooks is that Roy Dotrice had noble families speaking differently from one another in the same way you've got such broad varieties of accents in the UK, I think Obsidian's character direction sometimes isn't pitch-perfect when it comes to making sure people who come from similar areas speak similarly, I know it's one of those things Josh Sawyer cares about and I'm confident an effort is made (it comes up in dialogue sometimes! I've liked the voice acting better than I thought I would. Shrimp I have been enjoying the score, too.

Cathwenna / Zamar Netehe The voice acting is amazing.

Official Sites If a voice is UNAVAILABLE a logo will be clearly displayed on their profile along with their anticipated return date. Benweth /

See image of Matthew Mercer, the voice of Eder in Pillars of Eternity (Video Game).

Only criticism so far is that they had some noticeable repetition with the same deep-voiced low-affect performance for the Goldpact Knight in the Hole, the munitions engineer in Hasongo, and Rymrgand. (voice), Ekenu / But it doesn't associate actors with characters.


), but idk why Xoti is the only Southerner.

Player Voice - Female Sinister / Shaun Gilmore Press J to jump to the feed.

(voice), Acolyte Kinnuq / (voice), Unknown - The White March DLC Mokeha / (voice), The Rotted Lady / (voice), Anniq /

Malnaj /


New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the projecteternity community. Tama Watua / Captain Vilami / (voice), Calandra /

Scanlan Shorthalt Barati / (voice), Injured Soldier / That being said I think Serafen sounds goofy, but I think that that's more how he's written.

Nungata /

Vektor Selinia / |

(voice), Vex'ahlia / Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, Narrator / Pillars of Eternity (Video Game 2015) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

(voice), Player Voice - Female Noble /

(voice), Beza /

Imp Voices / Sanza Baltia / Two-Eyed Pim

Gwenfin /

Player Voice - Male Feisty /

Percival de Rolo Rongi Raedric VII /

I listen too much critical role evidently though , because I can recognize them in too many npc. Seafol /

Thorel / Larro Bardatto /

Galian /

Whenever I'd go though the quest with Pitli I just lose it. Also they joke about how much he stands out in some of Rikke's dialogue! Ernezzo / (voice), Player Voice - Male Kind Player Voice - Female Kind /

(voice), Edér Teylecg /

It does confirm Matthew Mercer voices Aloth and Edér, which I'd kind of already figured out.


Orso Valera / Sounds like a real tired old lady who has been through a lot.

Luca / (voice), Embeta /

(voice), The Pallid Knight /

Release Dates

(voice), Eothas / Tipa Rekke /

Iverra / Tumara / Rathun Vanguard

The Spindle Man

Player Voice - Female Stoic / Pirate /

Copperhead /

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

Mukumu Tatok / The Steward

Governor Clario /

She nails both the righteous anger and the vulnerability of the character, while pulling off a consistent accent with a lot of conlang stuff. Player Voice - Male Sinister / I've known too many people like that irl!

Jailer /

(voice) (as Lucy Paterson), Hylea /

I go to talk to Queen Onekaza and the Prince just so I can listen to them. (voice), Aloth /

(voice), Atello Valera / 60. Yngfrith

High Priestess Saewyn /

| TV Show: Bungo Stray Dogs Franchise: Bungo Stray Dogs

The fact that I despise her as a person, for me anyway, that means they did a good job of making her realistic.

(voice), Aenia / Posted by 2 years ago. Doesn't sound like acting.

(voice), Caravan Master Odema /

Olesca Sarasso / Tawenu

It bothers me that this Watcher probably isn't going to side with VTC (which, I'm guessing, leads her back into exile), and the VA performance is a big part of that.

Sparfel (voice), Captain Darmo / Taerna /

Player Voice - Female Cocky Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, Pelden /

Lore College Chanter

Co'el Marcellus /

High Priest Hati /

(voice), Himuihi /

Close. Eder Voice - Pillars of Eternity (Video Game) - Behind The Voice Actors LOGIN Also not American, but I actually have no problem with Southern Belles in fantasy settings as long as they are consistent.

Ogne / But they're not consistent here. | Todd Haberkorn is the English dub voice of Edgar Allan Poe in Bungo Stray Dogs, and Toshiyuki Morikawa is the Japanese voice. The IMDB has a mostly-complete list, but only associates a few of the characters. Player Voice - Female Feisty /

Nemnok the Devourer / Though people tend to dismiss him as somewhat of a simpleton due to his appearance, background, and partiality to enjoying smoking whiteleaf, Edér often proves to surprisingly observant of his surroundings and rather well-articulated.


Most of the companions are voiced really well.

Oromino / Company Credits Player Voice - Female Smooth / Dessiral / Syri the Siren /

Player Voice - Male Mystic / Cotta / Lamond /

(voice), Avetta /

Xoti's voice is only awful. Giordu Red-Handed /

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