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- and the main reason I bought it then!). For any device such as this, they are more likely to get to it quicker the more people ask them about it. I don’t see an integration in any smarthome-solution without video - that’s the sole purpose of a video doorbell, isn’t it? I also don’t like the idea of putting the Videos on the Ring Cloud… But I hope, the traffic between my doorbell and the Ring Cloud is secure and cryted! The API’s I found list the motions schedules and allow the enabling and disabling of the snooze feature that I want to use. be nice to get for the ring. Ive had a look and I think this is all possible in IFTTT but I don’t know how? IFTTT does have a two triggers (movement and ring), which can then connect to your openHAB-instance via myOpenHAB for example. The HC-SR04 (distance) get me the status on my 275 gallons oil tank. still, annoys me even more by the day. so I’m seriously thinking of replacing my doorbell with a “real” one, which offers API ootb and directly, Hey Thomas, which real one would buy instead of the ring!? Homeassistant seems I already installed Openhab2 and HASS and I did some work implementing temperature/humanity and distance reading. The only thing that was to be found was php-Ring-api which … Hey all, there are a number of “3rd party” APIs now available on github for ring doorbell, See and I’ve got it working via IFTTT, but the latency in the order of minutes… not very useful in this case. Pretty cool.

motion detection, camera, ring or chime etc. unfortunately there’s no API yet available from Ring (it was promised for December 2015! The guys at home-assistant managed to sort a python script running, I wonder if anyone here interested in making a binding based on that… …I would be happy to test it …

So my advice is to look for a doorbell with a decent API (for which I would be willing to pay a appropriate price, even subscription!).

Perfect… lets waint until they publish the API.

Live view is not available but you can use the triggers and notifications to trigger other devices like wemo switches and kodi notifications. looks like they have stunning hardware. You can register clients, and interact with Doorbell's data (applications, organizations, existing feedback thread, etc).

Doorbirds look nice, but they are way more expensive than the Ring Video Doorbells.

At the moment it looks like video won’t be possible. I have openhab and also HASS Thanks, Could be a bit more precise? Otherwise I don’t like to see my Ring Video doorbell footage somewhere else. This thread has thousands of views. I also plan to implement HC-SR04 on my Rain Harvest tank (~1000 gallons). Home Assistant Community play the mp3 doorbell on what audio sink So a binding would be greatly appreciated. The API is in private beta at the moment, so client registration isn't available yet. If anyone out there knows enough about bindings and can make sense of the reverse-engineered “API” that folks have come up with, I’d be happy to contribute a few beer’s worth of cash to the effort! ian_dcruZ mention on Sep 27 “ I got HA installed with the ring doorbell pro”. openhab. I experience some major lagging in the App lately (nothing changed on my side), so I’m seriously thinking of replacing my doorbell with a “real” one, which offers API ootb and directly. The real shame starts with the guys at ring, as they lack providing a decent API (which was promised almost 2 years ago, but deleted from the roadmap shortly). HASS-Home Assistant automation I’m not the security guy, but I hope, that’s not so easy as it sounds. One function is the ability to snooze the motion feature for a fixed duration. activate the doorbell of your home #perfect, Guys I got HA installed with the ring doorbell pro. I am running them separate they are connected at all. I’d like info on this too. I’m more concerned if there’s an API for the Ring Pro or Skybell HD Doorbell.

Any updates on this? With Ring doorbell there are a number of functions. HI, Not sure if it is even possible, on their site they say this.

So my bet is, there’s no way until Ring comes out with the ultra-late API…, I run a Smart Things environment, but some of the propriety stuff drove me to setup an openhab instance. What I had to do: put a simple Webcam next to the video doorbell and I use that videostream… sad, isn’t it? re-engineer the network calls with a spoffed DNS or a proxy that redirect it to another back-end?? But that’s about it. The API’s I found list the motions schedules and allow the enabling and disabling of the snooze feature that I want to use. The Ring Video Doorbell is an excellent home security camera made for monitoring the front of your house. Ring is supported by

Has anyone seen the Live view update… maybe this can help with something?? IFTTT is a free service that integrates devices and services such … Anyone have any ideas please ( in simple steps as my dev skills are virtually zero). I know that Ring is integrated into ST, so being new to openhab, I am not sure why this cannot be replicated in here…. Don’t think, there’s an API yet, but if someone had an neat Integration idea, I’d be interested!

I just want the Ring cams to snooze when ST see’s I’m home. But to the gits: Does anyone have either one running with OH2?

Without the API you’re not able to access the doorbell from your own servers (like openHAB). What id like to do is enable motion snooze when I open the font door sensor (part of ST) thus when anyone leaves I dont get false motion alerts, And then when IFTTT see me enter an area around my home is also enables motion snooze for say 15 mins. They are kind of neat but is sucks that you can’t connect it to a NAS. What is “motion snooze”? …and by HASS you are not referring to the German word Hass, but what is it? Nice! Is this part of the Ring API you mentioned? Remember revolv as Google turned down the cloud Service completely, rendering all hardware useless(

The base URL for the API is: All I want to do is use my ring doorbell’s motion notification to turn on a light. It seems like there’s enough interest that it might be financially worth someone’s time to put together a basic binding. I would like to take “Ring Video Doorbell Pro” and integrated it with Openhab2 or HASS. or is there already an binding exist?

Ring. ….

I am searching for alternatives…but yeah…i did not find anything special…, Take a look on . Haha. Aha, I see. It appears as if the ‘Last Activity’ shows for each doorbell on my account. But, if they make the API available, would it be possible to do it? You can’t use the videostream or even talk to other than via the App. We are looking into offering an API. It seems like overkill for me to set up a whole separate system just to get OpenHAB connected to ring, but it’s looking more and more like something I might try.

sounds interesting. Got a few of these doorbells! The following FAQ answers many of the general questions about Ring products. is this verified to work with openhab? play a sound on sonos when doorbell rings or switch on a light or view live stream.

Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, Ring's General FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions,, The IFTTT rules for ring dooebell are useless, as they only send actions, no chance to use images, video or even interactons. I was wondering if anyone still looking at it.

I’m actually giong to have a HASS install pushing this information to OH2 via MQTT me because it’s just too useful! You want to: I have not tried myself, but how about using a z-wave binary switch (eg mounted inside a normal door bell? There is one possibillity though: using, you can trigger actions if there’s movement or a ring at your doorbell. motion detection, camera, ring or chime etc. “If I would buy a new Doorbell, it would be “Doorbird”, they deliver with an extensive API including live video:”. Not that you shouldn’t get a Doorbird if that’s what you’d prefer, but please start a new topic to discuss Doorbird/openHAB compatibility rather than hijack this one. Example - One Doorbell had motion at 8:12, the other at 3:44 but both show last activity as 20:12. thanks for sharing the link, but what makes this solution useless for my requirements is this: A native HASS component for the button push & motion sensor with real-time updating would be great. No, I installed a separate sever for home assistant it is similar to

The Ring Video Doorbell blends convenience, monitoring and security into one sleek, simple and powerful doorbell that enables homeowners to see and speak with visitors from anywhere in the world. Check out the API and docs section built by our developers, for developers.

Im new here, so if you can, plese help me. Ring Doorbell Thing is still, the doorbell can’t be integrated at all to a smarthome as it is “just another App on the smartphone”. No i dont know more than Vizzini write, that now we can connect cia IFTTT, and thats is a start, it would be fun, if someone could help with a Binding. I Have a Ring Doorbell, is there any chances for making a binding for this into OpenHAB? IFTTT does have a two triggers (movement and ring), which can then connect to your openHAB-instance via myOpenHAB for example. Long story short, if there is some doorbell with similar functionality and decent API, I’ll be the first to move over. It’s not possible to use video or a still picture within a third party solution. I think you should be able to generate an OpenHab event through that service. I don’t need a spread sheet telling me there was movement or rings on my door. Of course I guess this isn’t the business model of Ring as they try to sell the Cloud Services for a monthly fee, but as I am concerned, the risk of a useless hardware, if the Cloud Services are shut down is too high for me, I only bought the Ring videodoorbell, as they promised an API for December 2015(!!!). I ended up installing this: , but I’m not much of a coder, and I don’t quite know what to do with it. I would like to get more info on that.

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